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As a juror in the "Whitey" Bulger trial, I present my story as fiction, a roman a clef--for many reasons. The trial changed me. It wasn’t Bulger’s criminality--that was anticipated. It was the corruption revealed within the DOJ and FBI, detailed in numerous testimonies.  It was the deals given by the prosecution to key witnesses, whose combined body count equaled at least 50--and the souls and survivors of the 50, to which the Court showed little respect.  It was the violation of Constitutional Rights and threat of contrived charges. It was the media, which failed to report accurately, choosing instead to further the story line from which many Boston “journalists” earned substantial gain.  It was the realization that prosecutors can manipulate testimony through threats, agreements, and money--leaving no citizen safe.  The Truth Be Damned is a fictionalized account of the trial of “Whitey” Bulger, and the aftermath which leaves me asking “What is truth?” - Janet Uhlar

Janet, when I talk to people, I will mention  you and how to contact you.  I could be interviewed, then you follow, or better yet, you first and me second.

James "Whitey" Bulger, October 10, 2015


Uhlar believed that the concept of due process, as spelled out in the Constitution, was sacrosanct.  She believed that even a man who had committed as many reprehensible acts as James Bulger, who had begun his trial by admitting to many of the acts in the indictment, was deserving of due process.

T.J. English, author of Where the Bodies Were Buried: Whitey Bulger and the World that Made Him (William Morrow an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, 2015)

What a fantastic read! An accurate description of what happened during the trial and the aftermath.  Being a fellow juror, I could not put the book down as it brought back many memories.

Pete Ferguson, juror

Johnny Depp never interviewed James Bulger before playing the role for Black Mass.  Janet Uhlar did

before writing The Truth Be Damned.

Janet Uhlar, author


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