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John Callahan was a wanna be thug, and the best friend, for 25 years, of serial killer Johnny Martorano. Callahan, was embezzling funds from his boss, Roger Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler was beginning an investigation. Callahan, afraid he'd be found out, asked his BFF Johnny M. to take care of the problem and kill Mr. Wheeler.

According to Whitey Bulger, Martorano sought his help. Bulger said, "No." He said, "Don't do it."

Johnny M., always wanting to help out a friend, didn't listen. He murdered Mr. Wheeler.

Now Mrs. Wheeler was beginning an investigation of the embezzled funds--and law enforcement was investigating Mr. Wheeler's murder.

Uh-oh.... Not looking good for Callahan.

Johnny M. knew that a wanna be thug probably wouldn't hold up well under pressure in a murder investigation. After all, Callahan knew Martorano killed Mr. Wheeler, and would probably offer up that information if threatened with the electric chair. Now Johnny M. had a big problem.

Again Johnny M. sought out the help of Bulger, who basically said, "Told you so" and told Johnny M. to uproot and go into hiding and let the investigation run it's course. Johnny M. didn't want to uproot, he had already established himself on the lam comfortably in Florida. Johnny M. didn't listen. Instead, he shot Callahan in the back of the head and stuffed him in the trunk of a car.

By and by, Johnny M. eventually confessed to this murder but said that "Bulger made me do it."

The Feds, for their own dark reasons seemingly eager to get Bulger by whatever means, made a deal with Johnny M. for his testimony against Bulger--didn't mean the testimony was true. Johnny M. served less than 6 months for the murder of his best friend Callahan's murder. He served less than 6 months for the murder of Mr. Wheeler.

Martorano served less than 6 months for each of the other 18 murders he confessed to-- 2 of them being innocent kids in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Boston newspapers, conveniently forgetting that Callahan initiated Mr. Wheeler's murder, present him as a victim. Not a "victim" of Martorano, but of Bulger and FBI Special Agent John Connolly....

John Callahan--Murderer

John Martorano--Serial Killer

Mr. Roger Wheeler -- the Only Victim

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It's a disturbing fact that no action has yet been taken regarding the October 2018 murder of James "Whitey" Bulger. No indictments have been made. What is known is that Bulger was brutally beaten by fellow inmates at Hazelton USP (West Virginia)--inmates were seen on video going into his cell. These inmates who following the fatal beating were, no doubt, covered in blood. Yet, 2 years later still no indictments...?

Might we take a few facts into consideration regarding Bulger's arrest, trial, incarceration, and murder?

Many books were written and movies made about Bulger based on the testimony of the Department of Justice's (DOJ) 5 key witnesses against him--some more criminal than Bulger. I'm sure none believed Bulger would ever be captured., and therefore considered selling testimony in exchange for their lives and freedom.

One of these criminals, John Morris a corrupt FBI agent who confessed to being an accessory in murders--along with a compliant major Boston newspaper--assisted the lead assistant US attorney (AUSA) in convincing these former friends of Bulger's--some facing the electric chair--that Bulger was an informant. This unsubstantiated "revelation" eased the conscience of these criminals (which suggests they had one to start with ??)

The tactic worked: They gave the eager AUSA--reminiscent of Inspector Javert in Les Misérables regarding all things Bulger--the testimony he craved. This certainly didn't mean the testimony was true. Might these criminals have fabricated some of it to save themselves? Half of Bulger's jury thought so....

A great deal of wheelin' & dealin' was done by the DOJ to get Bulger. Upon his arrest (Bulger was suddenly "found" living less than 5 miles from FBI Headquarters in LA for many years?) Bulger offered to plead guilty to all charges and accept an expedited death sentence. (The AUSA, aka Inspector Javert, rejected this offer, forcing an expensive federal trial ??)

A long treatise could and should be written about Bulger's trial, but, suffice it to say that many former FBI agents came forward and raised serious questions about the legitimacy of Bulger ever being an informant. Few of the defense witnesses were allowed to testify. And, the deals made with the key witnesses against Bulger were so utterly immoral that those involved in obtaining such testimony should be charged with, at the very least, ethical violations and have their standing within the Court removed.

During Bulger's 7 years of incarceration, he had 8 heart attacks and sustained damage to his hips which prevented him from walking. He was wheelchair bound. But, he wanted to reveal what he knew about the deep corruption within the FBI. Within the DOJ. Within the the Boston media. Within the CIA.

Prison was supposed to silence him.

Because of Bulger's rapidly declining health coupled with his advanced age, he was told he would be sent to a Medical Center for Federal Prisoners. The transfer was put off for 8 months. During this time, he was actively seeking and scheduling interviews with national media outlets. He was corresponding with more than 100 people from all over the globe.

Prison wasn't keeping him silent.

Finally, in October of 2018 Bulger was moved to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma enroute to the medical prison. In Oklahoma it was declared by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) that Bulger's health had "improved."

It had not. It could not.

Bulger was suddenly transferred to the notoriously violent Hazelton USP in West Virginia, which housed felons from the New England Mafia who, no doubt, believed the story of the corrupted FBI agent John Morris and complicite Boston media about Bulger being an informant. These felons, no doubt, along with so many others believed the tactic used by the AUSA (aka Inspector Javert) to ease the conscience of serial killers he desperately needed to fulfill his mission to get Bulger (at all cost ??)

Bulger was not guarded upon arriving at Hazelton USP. He was dead within 12 hours. Brutally beaten. Eyes gouged. reports of his tongue slashed. Unrecognizable. It was a crime that left an enormous amount of forensic evidence within a federal building that had the ability to lock down the scene immediately. Yet, 2 years later, no one has been charged....

Not only should we question why those who murdered Bulger haven't been indicted, but also why was the DOJ so seemingly determined to quickly silence him? In refusing to let him plead guilty and accept the death sentence, the DOJ was obligated to protect him.

Who within the DOJ and BOP conspired to send James Bulger to Hazelton rather than the medical prison? Who is protecting the men who carried out the murder?

Bulger had much to say about the FBI, DOJ, Boston media--and the CIA. Perhaps we should listen....

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  • Janet Uhlar

75 YEARS AGO President Harry Truman ordered the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Prior to making his infamous decision,Truman was aware that our ally, the Soviet Union, was ready to take over Japan. Truman's top generals and admirals made this clear. With the Soviet takeover, Japan would be forced to surrender. Regardless, Truman dropped the bomb. The death of tens of thousands of children and women and unimaginable suffering of even more did not stop Truman from repeating the carnage in Nagasaki 3 days later.

These attacks killed an estimated 200,000 civilians--living, breathing humans made in the image of God, who had no say in what their leadership did at Pearl Harbor; had no say in anything their leadership did.

Historically, America regards Truman as a hero for this unconscionable act on the children and women or Japan. Why?

America needs to revisit her history and own her sins:

- The treatment of the Native Americans

- The horror of slavery

- The brutal usage and treatment of the Chinese in Westward expansion

And the list goes on an on. Racist attitudes and actions continue....

America desperately needs historians and journalist who seek truth, no matter where it leads. America can't learn from her history, and is doomed to repeat it, unless we know what our history truly is!

Harry Truman needlessly committed mass murder and suffering.

Truman was no hero!

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