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It would have been simple. No drama. No trial. Taxpayers would have saved millions of dollars. Bulger wanted "leniency" for Catherine Greig in return for his guilty plea and expedited death sentence. Leniency would have been the 2 year sentence the parole board recommended for Catherine. But that wasn't enough for Assistant US Attorneys Wyshak and Kelly. That wasn't enough for US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. They determined that the 10 week orchestrated trial be held. AUSA Wyshak had waited and prepared 20 years for this moment. His star witnesses were prepped. The determination to "prove" beyond a reasonable doubt that Morris and Connolly's FBI "informant file" was legitimate was paramount. To hell with the plea -- to hell with Catherine Greig (they managed to get a sentence of almost 12 years) -- to hell with the taxpayers' money. The show had to go on. The "informant file" was foundational to creating the "Bulger Story." A story Bulger had no part in presenting. A story added to by Wyshak's star witnesses in exchange for their lives and/or freedom. A story that took attention away from the depth of corruption within the FBI, Boston US Attorney's Office, and federal court.

Problem was, this juror didn't believe the purchased testimony of the star witnesses (including serial killer Steve Flemmi). This juror didn't believe the "informant file," created by two dirty FBI agents (Morris and Connolly) was legitimate. This juror dared to ask why the Boston US Attorney's Office would go to such lengths to attempt to present a trial that never had to be.

And, the show continues, as serial killer Steve Flemmi comes forward as AUSA Wyshak's star witness against Mafia Boss Cadillac Frank Salemme. Flemmi needs to perform well for his master, for if he doesn't, Wyshak's gift of freedom to men whose combined body count is well over 50 may be questioned.

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